Monday, March 13, 2017

Just Another Manic Monday

Cece doesn't go to school on Mondays, so in my head it should be our day to relax and recover from the weekend.  But, no.  It is a chance to jump in to a new week with both feet!  We meet with our deaf mentor in the morning, then we drive kindergarten carpool, then squeeze in any doctor's appointments (like a trip to see the audiologist on this day),  then go to Orem and have a therapy appointment with Cece's teacher (Lynlee hates this but comes with us anyway), and then get back just in time to pick up Ellie from school.  Then it is straight to Lynlee's dance class (where they had fun trying on potential costumes for the recital in May -- this one was Lynlee's favorite but it was ultimately not chosen) and then home for dinner and FHE.  Whew!

And, Cece loves to write on the dry erase boards.  She likes to practice writing her name.

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