Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sharing Time

We've all had a rough adjustment to my calling as Primary pianist.  In theory, it sounds like the perfect calling -- I love serving in Primary, and playing the songs is therapeutic and easy.  In actuality, it has been tough.  Lynlee is a tenuous Primary attender (at best), and having me in the room has made it even more difficult.  Cece will not go to Nursery, but I'm fine with that.  She actually does great, just hanging out and playing behind the piano.  Lynlee is the one that has had screaming/crying fits on multiple Sundays...  Ellie tries desperately to help, which proves distracting to her class.  Maybe, eventually, we will get this all worked out and I will cry less over the craziness and the missed cues (from dealing with crying children) and the embarrassment...

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