Monday, January 16, 2017


Gayleen was our favorite speech therapist, ever.  I missed the idea that Cece could get speech therapy through Kids on the Move until last fall, so by the time we got it all set up, she had 2 visits in November, 2 visits in December, and 2 visits in January before she turned 3 and aged out of PIP/KOTM.  Those 6 visits were completely awesome.  Gayleen is actually in my good friend Erin's ward, and is one of Erin's friends.  It was fun to have that connection with her, and we just clicked.  We exchanged quite a bit of info at the beginning and end of Cece's appointments, and Gayleen gave me lots of insight into the "office politics" of some of the PIP policies.

One of the best things about Gayleen is that she is a certified speech therapist (not an AVT) and is fluent in ASL.  She was able to communicate to Cece through ASL what she wanted Cece to do and say, and Cece was very vocal because she understood the tasks that were expected of her.  Gayleen had a very (literal) hands on approach, helping Cece feel how the sounds were made in her throat and mouth.  She was just amazing.

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