Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Funny story.  Last spring, I posted a collage on Instagram of a dozen of the Star Wars figures I had crocheted.  Travis commented that he loved them and needed them, so I asked him which ones were his favorites.  I made a plan to make a couple for him, and then thought I better make something for Sarah.  Trying to be sneaky, I asked her some questions about her favorite animals, princesses, and collectibles, and her favorite colors.  She told me she loved alpacas, and her favorite color was teal.  I was caught up in the sock monkey debacle, and stopped crocheting for a few months.  When I got back in the zone, I knew I had just enough time to make them some presents for Christmas.  The alpaca was the most involved pattern I have made yet, with all of those scallops/fans.  And my first ever pom pom.

It turned out soooo cute, that I was actually a little bit reluctant to part with it.  But I knew it was Sarah's favorite animal, and it had been planned for her along, so it was all good.

When Sarah opened the present, she was a little confused, wondering why I had made her an alpaca.  I recounted our conversation from Instagram messaging.  She didn't remember it.  She said she had about a month or so when she was obsessed with alpacas last spring, and then she moved on.

But she loved it anyway!  It is hilarious how it all worked out.

pattern purchased on Etsy from CarleneCrochet

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