Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

The BCLs have a tradition of shopping all day on Black Friday.  Sometimes Greg has a game and I only go part of the day, sometimes I go for the whole 16 hour extravaganza.  This year I was able to meet them for breakfast, shop for a while, go home while Greg went to his game, play with {R} and Grandma {G} and cousin, then go back to meet the BCLs when Greg came home.  It was the best day, and I have the best friends!  They constantly crack me up.  Tiff and Steph were tired in the afternoon and just sat down in the middle of the store to wait for Erin to finish shopping (and Ilene texted me that picture -- it was while I was home).  Then we closed out Ross late at night and Kelly was a little punchy.  She popped her head through the clothes and asked when we would be done.

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