Friday, October 7, 2016

Ellie's Schedule

Ellie wrote up her schedule for the day.  She is a busy girl!

(with mom edits)

* wake up * get dressed * brush hair * eat breakfast * brush teeth 2 times * go to find my book * go home * wait * go to school * learn * fun Friday * clean up * go home * eat lunch * violin * piano * play * come home * eat dinner * shower * get pj's * snack * brush hair brush teeth * 1 or 2 vitamin * read * go in bed * go to sleep * Done :)

Ellie could not find a homework book that she had worked very hard on and needed to turn in.  We searched every where, and she was convinced that she left it at school.  Greg drove her over at 7:20 in the morning to try and look for it, and they had to wait until someone showed up around 7:30 to get in the school.  It wasn't there.  We eventually found it under one of the van seats.

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