Saturday, September 3, 2016


Ellie was better, and Greg had worked really hard to clear his schedule so we could go to Montana for Labor Day weekend.  It used to be a tradition for us to go for 4th of July and Labor Day every year, and we went for Christmas, also until Lynnie was 1.  I had gotten everything packed and all of the laundry done and the house clean and everyone to bed early Thursday night.  And then about 10 pm I started vomiting.  And didn't stop.  It was the worst feeling in the morning, when the girls wandered out of their room on Friday, confused as to why we hadn't woken them up to get on the road by 5 (as is our custom), to tell them that we couldn't go because Mama was sick.  The girls' suitcase stayed by the garage door, because Ellie was holding out hope that we could still go on the trip.

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