Thursday, August 18, 2016


This is my first year to really embrace the carpool concept, and it is magical.  There are 4 girls in our ward that are all in the same kindergarten class, so we carpool for pick-up.  Our neighbor transferred to RA this year, so Greg drives the girls in the morning, and our neighbor picks up in the afternoon.  Out of a possible 15 times to go to the school in a week (morning drop-off, kindergarten pick-up, Ellie pick-up), I am only going 3-4 times, and Greg is going 4 times.  Did I mention that carpools are magic?  

For kindergarten, I drive on Mondays and Fridays through the end of September (then just Mondays until my Friday turn comes back in January).  I drive on Wednesday mornings when Greg has an early meeting, and then I pick-up Ellie on Thursdays and we head straight to violin lessons.

That was a lot of back story to get to this picture.  It was our first Thursday pick-up, and the weather was gorgeous so we got out to play in the grass pit.  Our friend's mom needed to promote the FEC (our school's PTA) at a table in front of the school, so S played with us while we waited for school to get out.

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