Friday, August 5, 2016

Aunt Tammy

Aunt Tammy is seriously the best!  She is so cool that Cece has already given her a name sign.  Kind of.  Tammy was the first person that I used the "aunt" sign for, and Cece now thinks that "aunt" = "tammy."  When I tried to sign "aunt a-m-y" to Cece, she shook her head and signed "no" -- telling us that Aunt Amy was not Tammy.  Tammy took the girls for a quick ride in the side-by-side, and they had a blast.  After they got back, Ellie and Lynnie ganged up on Greg and I and got us to agree to let them spend the night with Tammy as Ellie's birthday present.  Well, really, they got Greg to agree and then I acquiesced.  Ellie included Lynnie, which was really sweet of her.  They did better than I expected them to, as far as their moods went, and they kept Tammy up as late as I thought they would.  Lynnie is a mover when she sleeps, always scooting around, trying to find someone to snuggle with.  And then she kicks you.  Tammy and Ellie didn't get much sleep, but Lynnie said it was the best night ever!

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