Thursday, August 25, 2016

Amy Harmon

I have a love/hate relationship with Amy Harmon's books.  She is a powerful writer and I get completely engaged with her characters.  I love everything she's written (with the exception of the "Purgatory" books -- couldn't finish the first one, and I've tried three different times).  I eagerly pre-order anything new.  Her latest book, The Bird and The Sword, is the best thing I've read all year.

There are two things I hate: sometimes her characters swear too much for my liking, and sometimes she makes me feel too much.  This book (A Different Blue) has an adoption theme, and even though some of the adoption choices are kind of quirky, she captures the emotions.  The first time I read this book, I stayed up til 4 a.m. to finish and then just laid in bed and cried until one of the girls woke up.  After a few years, I was ready to try it again, and downloaded the audio book through my library.  It was better this way, because I have less time to listen than to read, and breaking it up into snippets over a three week time span made it easier to keep my emotions under control.

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