Monday, July 18, 2016

Soda Fan

With Ellie and Lynnie, we were very vigilant with their sugar intake, especially before they were three.  Neither one tasted soda until they were 4.  Ellie had soda very rarely, and when she did get it, she would have lemonade or Fresca.  Or Hi-C with Uncle Kyle (the stinker).  Lynnie never liked any of it, except for lemonade on occasion.

Apparently we have loosened our standards with the baby, because she is 2 and she looooves soda.  Ellie will share with her when we go out to eat, and I am pretty sure Cece drinks more than Ellie.

Greg was out of town, and it is hard to get home from gymnastics at 6:30 and then wait for mom to cook dinner.  So we quickly stopped at Rumbi before getting home for the bedtime routine.

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