Friday, July 29, 2016

Hospital Outfit

The girls love to hear stories about themselves and their birth moms, and especially to hear stories about their special time in the hospital with their birth moms.  Ellie loved that we found this outfit, because Tayler gave it to Ellie, and intended for Ellie to wear it home from the hospital.  After placement, we had to wait a few minutes after Tayler and her family left, to sign some final papers.  During that period, Ellie threw up everywhere, and this little outfit was soaked.  We had to change her to something else...  Ellie thinks that story is the best, and pretty hilarious that she threw up all over Tayler's special outfit for her.

Cece's doll is pretty much life-sized, which is cool.  And Ellie wanted to take a picture to send to Tayler, with Ellie signing I Love You.

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