Monday, May 9, 2016

New Gymnastics Classes

Lynnie rose to the occasion and rocked her new gymnastics class.  She is by far the shortest and youngest looking, which was a big difference from before when everyone else in her class was 3.  In the preschool class, there was 1-1 attention, which meant you would do your trick with the teacher and then sit down while she helped the next student.  I realized how much waiting there was while watching Lynnie in this class.  They do 6 forward rolls in a row.  And then turn around and do 5 cartwheels back.  Lynnie's teacher also had them doing strength training, like superman holds and sit ups.  It was awesome to see how Lynlee was flourishing.  

Ellie had a harder time.  She was missing her friends, especially Hope, from her old class.  And she hurt her foot on the beam.  She told me it was a pretty rough first day, but it will be OK.  And she liked spending time with Tayler before class started.

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