Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Billings Montana Temple

I found this article in the March/April issue of LDS Living magazine.  It brought back many memories.  I hitched a ride with Paul and Staci to go to the groundbreaking.  It was clear when we left, and it was late March and nice in Bozeman.  As a nod to unpredictable Montana weather, I was wearing tights and wool shoes, and I brought a coat.  The snowstorm was completely unexpected.  Paul and Staci had some blankets in their trunk so she and I wrapped up in those.  Scott and Paul were on duty directing traffic, and I think that Scott was just in his short sleeved white shirt and Paul maybe had a windbreaker.  That's how my faulty memory goes, anyway.  And my wool shoes were ruined -- they shrunk as they dried.  Oh, well.  Small price to pay to be a part of the experience.

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