Friday, March 18, 2016

Lesson Learned

Ellie is in 3 activities: gymnastics, violin, and Let's Play Music.  Between homework and practicing both the violin and the piano, she is busy after school.  We mostly average practicing three times a week for violin (M, T, W) because it takes between 30-45 minutes to do everything on her list.  LPM takes 10 minutes or less, and we have managed to do the equivalent of 5 days of practice every week all year long.  Generally she has to double up -- doing double practice on M and T and practicing once on W.  This week, Ellie had a NAET appointment on Monday and it derailed all practicing that day.  Tuesday she stayed home from school sick and even though we talked about practicing off and on all day, it didn't get done.  Wednesday before gymnastics, Ellie chose to practice violin.  I reminded her after dinner to run downstairs and practice, but it was after 7 and she was tired.  On Thursdays we go straight to violin after school.  When we got home, I told Ellie we could go practice right then, but again she decided not to.

Friday morning, Ellie woke up in a panic and wanted to practice LPM right then.  It hit her that she had not practiced at all that week and she wouldn't earn her reward at class.  There is no time in the morning, so I told her no.  Ellie broke down sobbing, so disappointed.  When I picked her up from school, again she wanted to go practice right then.  But she only has 15 minutes to eat lunch before class.  

This was a hard lesson to learn.  Luckily, Miss Sheryl believes in repentance and told Ellie she could practice double the next week to make it up (and Ellie did).

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