Monday, January 11, 2016

Take Home Library

At Ellie's charter school, they ask for one parent to volunteer 40 hours during the year.  I signed up for about 7 things at Back to School Night, and only accrued about 12 hours during the fall.  When a post came on Facebook looking for more Take Home Library volunteers, where you can bring younger siblings (most things you cannot), I jumped at the chance and signed up for every Monday.  I will hit my 40 hours now!  This was our first time going, and we were not quite prepared for how long it would take.  The Friday volunteers put away the returned books, and then the Monday volunteers put together the new book packets.  The Friday volunteers did not come last time, so we first unpacked and then started filling new boxes.  After about two and a half hours, I could not keep the girls happy anymore, and we had to abandon ship.  Hopefully it will go more smoothly next Monday.

And on a side note, Wicket has replaced Puppy.  Lynnie brings Wicket everywhere with us, and sleeps with him as her snuggle buddy.  It is nice because Wicket is a lot smaller than Puppy and much more portable.  But I already miss Puppy!

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