Saturday, January 30, 2016

Stake Conference

Ellie was not feeling well today again, and Lynnie also was feeling icky.  It was Stake Conference and we had a visiting authority, so the Stake Young Women's Presidency had put together a dinner for the Stake Presidency and their wives in between the  Priesthood Leadership session and the Adult Session.  I waffled all day whether to cancel the babysitter and stay with the girls because they were pretty miserable.  At 3:30, I even pulled up Olivia's phone number, but then talked myself out of pushing SEND.  I was worried about making the appearance, and thought maybe I was overreacting.  I just wasn't sure what to do.  

So I went.   And worried about the girls the whole time.  And came home to very miserable girls and a 12 year old babysitter that was worried because she could not help them.

(And then Olivia got sick, too, which was terrible.)

Let's just say that Motrin was our friend this day.

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