Sunday, January 31, 2016

Poor, Sick Girls

We had a rough night, and Sunday morning I had the same debate -- go to Stake Conference or stay home?  Again, we soldiered through and went to church.  Ellie rallied because she loves sitting with the Bunnell girls.  Lynlee sat on my lap and whimpered.  When we got home, everyone took a nap.  Around 4, I knew we needed some answers, so I texted Greg and loaded everyone up to go to the Instacare.  I thought maybe they had ear infections.

When we got in to see the doctor, the first question she asked was whether we had had our flu shots this year.  And I realized we had not.  Every year, we all get one because somebody is at a well child check in the fall/early winter.  But this year, we didn't have a check up for anyone and I didn't think to make an appointment for flu shots.

After testing, we found that Ellie and Lynlee had Influenza A and we were put on a week quarantine.

Greg (who made it about the time we got in the room to see the doctor) and I could not believe it.

Those poor girls!

I am sure I will not forget to get flu shots next year...

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