Sunday, November 1, 2015


These two have serious addictions to their cups and bottles.  Greg and I talk often about weaning them off, but then I think of the hard days ahead and I wimp out.  Again.  And they are just so cute, all snuggly at 7 a.m., drinking milk (Cece) and water (Lulu).

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Magson said...

Well, for what it's worth, we only barely got Gwen off her sippy cup for milk in the evenings maybe a month ago ourselves. She'd chewed through all the lids, so we just tossed them out and told her we didn't have the sippies anymore and she mostly just took a sip of whatever anyway and then wanted the rest to be put in the fridge to drink in the morning, so.... hand her a cup, she takes her sip, then I go put the cup in the fridge, and then she uses it with her breakfast.

There was only a little minor fussing the 1st night, but she's been fine with the arrangement ever since.