Friday, September 25, 2015

Date with Daddy

Cece and I are still recovering from our colds, so we stayed home and had a dance party watching Dancing With The Stars.  Ellie and Lynnie got to go on a date with Daddy to a bbq for his BNI group.  There were bounce houses and a big park, and lots of yummy food.  Uncle Todd was there too, which made it even more fun.  And they talked Daddy into stopping for french fries and a McFlurry on the way home.  He texted me these gems along with the picture:

I am such a pushover when they ask so sweetly.

"This is so refreshing!"  Said guess who?

I just like dipping.  Guess you have to have fries.

I love you, it's a beautiful day.  I love it up here on this chair.

"When I grow up, I'm going to work here."  "Good idea, me too."

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