Thursday, September 24, 2015

ASL Playgroup

I signed Cece up for an ASL playgroup, sponsored by the Utah School for the Deaf.  Lynnie is super excited to play with Sister Meiners and Paisley while Cece and I go to Orem every Thursday morning.  We came for the first day, and were the only ones there.  Kristi, the coordinator (director?), said that usually there are more children, but it was really fun to be by ourselves.  Kristi wears hearing aids and I think she could hear me, because when I was really struggling coming up with a sign, she would jump in and help me out.  I learned a lot of words, and know I have a long way to go.

It was structured like preschool, with free play, circle time, story & song time, arts & crafts, snack time, and wrap up.  Cece's favorite part?  Probably that she got a fruit roll-up and a juice box during snack time.  She was loving all of that sugar!  My favorite part was our last few minutes, because Cece really opened up.  There was a giant rug in the room with lots of pictures on it, and she started running all over, hitting a picture, and signing it.  We started playing a game where Kristi or I would sign "WHERE BOAT?" or "WHERE CAT?" and Cece would run to the square, stand on the picture, and sign the word.  She was giggling and being so smart and funny.

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