Thursday, July 30, 2015

Find My iPhone

I finally see the wisdom in the Find My iPhone feature. Ellie was playing on my phone while I was making dinner, and then opened an app for Cece.  We needed to leave to take some things to my friend Kandice, who is moving to Wyoming, and we could not find that phone anywhere.  We just left without it.  After talking with Kandice and her family for an hour, I took Ellie to meet Bobi for a date to see a play at the Lehi Arts Center.  Then I came home and put Lynnie and Cece to bed.  And tried to find my phone again.

And then I remembered this feature, and hopped on the computer.  My iPad was in my room, and the GPS showed my phone west of that, so I knew it had to be in one of the girls' rooms.  Then I saw the "play sound" button.  Even though my ringer was off, it made a beautiful chiming noise.  I heard it in the big girls' room and eventually found in inside of Ellie's pants drawer, buried under some pants.  It was pretty comical trying to narrow down that noise to behind, underneath, or next to the dresser.

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