Sunday, May 3, 2015

Golden Plates

Lynnie and Cece both have a cold, and Lynnie was pretty miserable.  But Ellie did not want to miss church.  She slept in til almost 9, and while the rest of us were out in the family room, she got up, got dressed, brushed her teeth, and did her hair.  She did not want all that effort wasted!  I texted Mom Julie and she graciously offered to take Ellie to church.

When Ellie got home, she was so excited to show off the "golden" plates they made in her class.  After ripping the aluminum foil while trying to write on it with a pencil, she ripped it off and we started fresh.  A Sharpie worked much better.  She wrote it out all by herself, just asking us how to spell some of the words.  That girl is so smart!  She remembered so many details.

Ellie Spencer
The Book of Mormon!!!
Joseph Smith
got the golden
plates the
angel told
him where they were
he told him three times.
he was exhausted
in the morning he stayed up
all night he got sick
because he stayed all night
the angel told him to tell his dad.

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