Saturday, April 11, 2015

Van Check

I like to run errands by myself on occasion, and usually that occasion is on a Saturday morning.  We needed the oil changed in the van, and the tire light had come on earlier in the week, so it was time to get that taken care of.  There was a coupon in the Money Mailer envelope, so I headed to Big O for some alone time.  I kept on checking on the van through the window and it seemed like it was taking an exceptionally long time.  I finally asked after about 90 minutes, and they discovered the guy who had started working on it had left for the day without handing it off to anyone else.  Whoops.  The great news is that the coupon I had was for an oil change and a full car check, with tire rotation for $40.  They gave me another $20 off because of the mix-up.  It was a total win-win.  More alone time for me, and all of that work done for an exceptional price!

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