Sunday, March 15, 2015

Matching Dresses

Our nice neighbor Traci gave us these darling pillowcase dresses for the girls.  They looked so cute!

Lynnie is out of her routine and really struggled today in Primary.  She finally went to her class, but Sharing Time was a disaster.  

That little lady sure is stubborn sometimes.  She forgot to bring Puppy to church (she is in charge of remembering it if she wants it) and she never got over it.  We had it worked out that she was going to sit with Ellie during Sharing Time and then go to her class, but Lynnie was crying before we got in the Primary room.  Then a nice leader tried to help and take Lynnie to her class to sit with Sister Meiners, and Lynnie reacted by screaming even louder.  So I took her with me to our hiding place in the Stake Wing and we had a time out and some serious discussion about how to act appropriately.  When Lynnie was calm, we tried Sharing Time again, also with disastrous results.  Back to the Stake Wing we went.  Greg was able to come out between appointments and talk with us for a minute, and Lynnie excitedly had him take her to her class.

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