Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maiden Voyage

The girls have been riding their new bikes multiple times a day down on the tile in the basement.  It has been so mild lately that we decided to just take them outside.  I had been waiting for a time when Greg would be home and we could all go together, but this is his busiest time of year between work and basketball, and I feel like we haven't seen him for a month.  So we got tired of waiting and just went for it.

The girls peddled their hearts out, and with many pushes from me, we got up our big hill.  Then we tackled the dirt path on the hill to get to the bike path.  That was a little scary and took three trips for me -- taking Ellie's bike up, taking Lynnie's bike up, then pushing the stroller up as the girls climbed.  I quickly realized we wouldn't be able to come down that slope and came up with a new plan.

Once we were on the flat path, the biking was glorious!  The girls did so great and were very friendly, waving to everyone who passed us.  We even passed Bishop Card and he stopped to chat for a minute.  His birth mother had given birth the day before and they were anticipating placement the next day.  So much love for his birth mom was expressed in that two minute conversation.  All birth mothers are my heroes!

When we got to 1200 W, we came down the access path to Bull River Road.  I didn't realize how long that strip without a sidewalk is when you have two little girls on bikes who are tired but trying hard to go fast.  Once we got back to the sidewalk, life was better.  When we got back to our street, the girls walked the bikes because the hill was too steep.  This decision was quickly reached after Ellie tipped over trying to stop.

We went about a mile and it took us an hour.  A very successful first outside bike ride!

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