Thursday, January 29, 2015


For the life of me, I cannot remember why this picture is significant.  I was changing Cece and the big girls were doing something cute -- something cute enough that I told Greg to take a picture on his phone -- and then I had to remember to hijack his phone a few days later to text myself the picture.

But, I've got nothing.

They sure look cute, though, and they were probably being exceptionally nice and doing exceptional things.

I have been a pretty consistent blogger since March 2008, but am starting to lose steam.   I am giving myself permission to do less this year.

I know why I do less.  When I started, I waxed philosophical on Tender Mercies and tried to paint a picture of our lives so that an expectant mom could read more about us than just our adoption profile.  And it worked.  Tayler connected with things I wrote and felt better informed to make her decision to choose us to parent Ellie.  Our relationship started more formally, and we had email communication and the blog.  I tried to post at least 4 times a week, and most of the time posted every day, to share all of Ellie's exciting developments.  And outfits.  I took a picture of Ellie in every. single. outfit she ever wore and posted it on the blog.

With {M} and Lynlee, I was in the groove.  Plus, the girls were good nappers.  Ellie was napping 2+ hours in the afternoon, and Lynlee slept about 23 hours a day for almost a year (not really, but it seemed that way).  We would play hard, and I would take pictures, and then I would use naptime to organize pictures and blog about our day.  The blog was my main form of communication with {M}.  We also texted, but I didn't really text pictures much.  I don't remember why -- did I not have a good data plan then? -- but it wasn't part of the way we rolled.  I was still posting 4-10 times a week.

With {R}, our relationship has been built on texting.  I don't know that we have ever exchanged an email, except for the invite to read her private blog and group invitations to events that I send to the whole family.  I text her pictures of Cece practically every day.  And then it seems anti-climatic to blog those same pictures.  Plus, Cece is not a good napper.  Partly due to her own rhythms, and partly due to the fact that she has older sisters and we always seem to be driving to drop them off or pick them up somewhere during naptime.  Once the girls are in bed at night, one of the last things I want to do is stare at the computer screen.

So those are my excuses reasons for the constant behind-ness in blogging lately.  My plan this year is to keep up on the Picture A Day blog (and it's fine if I get a couple of weeks behind) and to blog main events on Tender Mercies.  I will blog milestone events on my birth mom blogs and as well as all of our visits, but not copy and paste the Tender Mercies entries into their blogs (which is what I've gotten into the habit of doing).  I will do more on {R}'s blog, because Cece is still experiencing many milestones.  And I don't want her to grow up and only have 1 good year of a blog book when her sisters have multiple years.  As a fourth child with almost no baby pictures (and only a handful in my actual possession), I want to protect her from that experience :)

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