Wednesday, January 7, 2015


We really miss our friends Elizabeth, Davis, and Callie.  Davis is Ellie's first friend, and Elizabeth and I used to spend hours every month hanging out and letting the babies play.  We have gone on adventures together, bought passes to Thanksgiving Point together, and spent hours at Cabela's together.  But life moves on, and friends move away.  Luckily, these special friends are only in Kaysville, and we planned a play date to see their awesome new house.

It was so much fun to reconnect, and it was like no time had passed since we had last seen them.  And the best part?  Santa brought them a bounce house for Christmas and it was in their basement.  

A bounce house.

Ellie loved jumping in there!  Lynnie preferred riding Callie's tricycle and the roller coaster.
Ellie packed her fancy dress and changed in the van after I picked her up from school.  She wanted to look beautiful since she and Davis are still engaged.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks again for coming up!! We can't wait to play again!!