Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back in the Classroom

I have not taught at the U in person since Lynnie was a newborn.  She was born November 8, my friend Beth covered for me for a couple of weeks, and the semester was over.  I get asked almost every semester if I am ready to come back, and I always say no.  I am happy teaching my one online class and doing everything from home.  But this semester, my department had an offer I was excited about -- teaching at the Sandy campus on whatever night I wanted.  I talked to my mom and she got on board to babysit, and the best night for her was Thursdays.

Tonight was the first night of the semester and it was fun to be back.  A little weird, but mostly fun.  The biggest thing was that I was clearly out of practice and did not have my stock of funny stories and anecdotes dialed up.  Plus, there are 23 registered students and I am used to teaching 100+ at a time.  It changes how I interact to have so few.  

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Elizabeth said...

I bet you were fabulous :)
love your guts!