Thursday, October 30, 2014


This picture typifies Lynnie Lu right now.  After dinner, I usually whisk Cece into the bath, feed her a bottle, and put her in bed.  When Greg is home, he will bathe Ellie and Lynnie and then we read scriptures & stories, snuggle, and put them in bed.  On nights he is gone, the big girls like to have a few more minutes to play until Cece is asleep.  They created "beds" and had an elaborate story-telling session, with characters and lots of action.  Usually during snuggles, I hold Lynnie while she drinks some milk and then she falls asleep.  But tonight she wanted to drink her milk on her new bed.  She has her blue, fuzzy cape as a blanket (made the same day as Ellie's Word Girl cape), Panama (her new name for Puppy Elizabeth) tucked in to her side, and her jack-o-lantern orange watching over her (that she got at the Kindermusik treat exchange).

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