Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Party for Activity Days

I just got a fabulous new calling of Activity Day leader for the 9 year old girls.  The other leaders already had a Halloween activity planned for all of the girls, and I was able to just show up and enjoy the night.  It was a Daddy/Daughter party, where they were encouraged to dress like each other.  Some of the dads even went so far as to wear accessories like headbands.  Other dads were more subtle, like wearing a striped shirt because the daughter's favorite shirt has stripes.  I mostly helped with the eating-a-doughnut-off-of-a-string activity.  My favorite moment was when one dad got the vampire teeth from the middle of the doughnut perfectly positioned inside his mouth--and still attached to the string on the pole.

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Elizabeth said...

What?!?! Not a music calling?!?! :) JK So fun! You will be so awesome at this!