Thursday, September 18, 2014

Group Lesson

We never made it to a group lesson last year, because in the fall I was still teaching my last remaining piano student Syreese, and her lesson was at the same time.  After Cece was born, we took a break from violin and from piano lessons.  This time around, we have no conflicts, and we were excited to try out group lessons.

Ellie jumped right in and was happy to follow directions.  Lynnie was a little more cautious, and spent some time observing.  Then she went and stood by Aunt Bobi and participated in the Twinkle Circle.  After a little while, the rest of the students joined the beginners.  There was a lot of impressive violin playing happening from these children!  The only problem?  Lynnie thought it was too loud, and kept on covering her ears.  Oh, well...

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