Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Visiting Swig

Our visiting teachee, Syd, likes to go on adventures.  This month we met at Swig to do our visiting teaching.  I have never been before, and the coconut/lime/diet coke that I had was delicious.  I got a sugar cookie for the girls and Ellie tried the Fruit Loop drink, which was Sprite with a few fruit flavored syrups mixed in.  She liked, but then got a huge sugar rush, and subsequent crash.  She's never had that much sugar at once before.  Her tummy really hurt on the way home, and it was a good learning experience.  She even said to me, "is this why you always tell me not to have too much sugar?"

The children loved swinging on the swings and the adults were able to visit.  Great idea, Syd!

P.S.  I have heard of the famous Swig sugar cookies, and I have even made a knock-off recipe a couple of times.  I have to say, I liked the recipes I have made at home better than the real deal.  I like the Sweet Tooth Fairy knock-off bar cookie combined with the Swig knock-off frosting.  Delicious!

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