Sunday, February 23, 2014

Totally Cool

I love this outfit for Cece, because {R} is totally cool!

This also reminds me of my favorite story with {R}s sister {B}.  The Saturday before our case worker called us to say that {R} wanted to meet with us, Greg & I were at an adoption conference.  We walked in to a class behind some noticeably "cool" couples.  I took heart that there were birth moms who liked all types of adoptive couples, cool people and not cool normal people.  When I tried to explain myself to Greg, he thought I was putting us down.  I wasn't -- and I tried to say it like this:  there are "cool" people, like {B} and Darci, and then there are "normal" people like us.  I'm just glad that Tayler and {M} liked us "normal" people!

It's become a running joke with me and {B}, about how cool she is!

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