Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rough Night

We have had a rough night. It started when Ellie crawled in our bed around 12:30, "because I need to snuggle daddy."

(Greg always falls for that line.) 

I tried to put her back in her bed around 1:30 and she freaked out. After calming her down and some more negotiation, she came to snuggle for five more minutes. Then Lynlee woke up at 2 after having a little accident. She had gotten herself woken up fairly quickly, and only 'leaked' a little.  After a potty trip and getting her calmed down (she was sad--accidents are extremely rare and disorienting in the middle of the night), I temporarily put her in bed so I could strip her bed. And realized that the other set of their sheets was in the bottom of the hamper. 

At this point, I know it's a family bed kind of night! Except that Lynlee has staked her claim by the time I got back: she is upside down and has her feet on my pillow. I kind of get her scootched over and laid down, where I got kicked a lot over the next half hour. I finally abandoned the bed around 3 and switched to the couch. Greg woke me up at 6, because Ellie had been awake for about an hour and wouldn't stop poking him. He got in the bathtub and I tried to go back to bed. 

More talking and rolling around by both girls for about an hour before Ellie drifted back off. Around 7:30 it was declared 'daytime' and I got Lynnie some milk. (She is doing GREAT at only drinking milk in the day and not drinking it in the middle of the night anymore.) and then Lynnie took another half hour nap. 

The upside of our rough night? This darling picture of the girls snuggling together. They truly are the best of friends!

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