Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Flour Convert

We are beyond excited that Tayler and Piper signed up to take Kindermusik with us this semester.  They will come to the Mommy & Me class with Lynlee and I, then (when they can, and hopefully every week!) come to our house for lunch and to play for an hour before Ellie goes to her class.

This morning, Ellie didn't want to go to preschool, because she was so excited to see Tayler.  She kept on telling me she just wanted to go to our class with us.  It made our hour lunch that much more special because she was over-the-moon happy!

At Kindermusik, Piper did great.  At one point, the girls were dancing, and then Piper wandered over and sat down on my lap.  Lynnie turned around and kind of freaked out.  She sat next to me on the floor, and wouldn't sit my other leg.  In a couple of minutes, Piper moved on to something else.  Lynnie immediately stood up, put her hands on my shoulders, and very seriously told me, "I want to sit on both laps!"  Then she turned around, plopped down, and spread her legs across both of my knees.

It gave me a glimpse into the transition in store next week when Shooting Star Dolphin comes to stay!  (Shooting Star Dolphin is what E & L want to name the new baby.)

At lunch, Lynnie liked sitting next to Piper, until Piper tried to take her flour.  We got Piper her own bowl, and Piper ate at least 7 bites.  Lynnie made a flour convert!

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