Monday, December 16, 2013


I have a tradition where we get a new Christmas ornament every year for the girls (and a matching one for their birth mom).  It is fun to pick out something that they like, or one that represents something in their life.  Last year, Ellie picked a gymnastics ornament since she started gymnastics, and this year she picked a dance ornament.

This year, Lynnie thought about picking this Tinkerbell ornament, so we put two in the cart and kept perusing.  She wanted to hold it, and I told her it was fragile and to be very careful.

It was dropped in a minute and broke in half.

We put the other, unbroken one back and took this one up to buy.  The cashier said we didn't need to.

Wait, what?

We broke it, we buy it!

A little super glue when we got home, and it is as good as new.  And lucky Lynnie ends up with two ornaments this year.

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