Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Jonette texted me to see if I had any pictures of Kiera at a piano recital or playing the piano, and I had fun looking through old pictures.  I found this treasure from a piano recital.  After posting it on Facebook, the consensus is that it is probably from spring 2006.  I thought I was better about dating pictures back then, but my record keeping was not as stellar as I thought.
In this group, 4 are nieces and nephews, and 10 more are my friends on Facebook or Instagram.  It is so fun to see these wonderful people turn into amazing adults!

Back row: Karleigh Ferre, Sara Mackintosh, Jacob Andes, Clayton Spencer, Kiera Spencer, Kylene Spencer, Brayden Spencer, Nani Ah Quin, Kiko Ah Quin, Shanelle Smith, and Shanelle's friend that came and played a duet with her

Middle Row:  Kelsy Mackintosh, Myley Mackintosh, BayLee Pulham, Carlin Walter, Zack Bailey, Spencer Iverson, and McKinzie Bailey

Front Row:  Wayce Pulham, Anga Ah Quin

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