Thursday, October 31, 2013

Someone Had a Rough Night

Lynlee was a little hot yesterday around dinnertime, so after her bath I gave her some Children's Advil and got her to sleep at 6:30.  She slept through choir practice in the basement and 5 darling girls running around the upstairs (that girl is an amazing sleeper).

She did not sleep through Ellie pushing on her and talking in a normally volumed voice (when I put Ellie to bed at 8:30).

Then Lynnie was up until almost 1, crying for at least 2 hours.  She was so tired and so disoriented from being woken up, and she could not get herself comfortable.  I finally got Ellie to sleep around 10, and had Lynlee almost asleep when Greg got home at 10:15.  Whispering to Daddy got Lynnie fully awake again...

After finally--FINALLY--getting Lu to bed, I sighed in relief and thought perhaps she would sleep in since she was up so late.


We were up 3 more times in the middle of the night, going potty and/or drinking milk, until finally she decided she was awake for real around 6 a.m.  Daddy jumped in the fray and dealt with another solid hour of crying.

Fun times.

Super fun times.

Totally worth it to be her parents.

Anyhoo, this long story leads to this fabulous picture:
 Now she will be ready to go trick-or-treating in a couple of hours!

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The Gardner Family said...

Oh yay! A cozy blankie to lay on! ;) Sorry she had such a rough night!