Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Box Violin

We had a lot of fun creating the girls' fake box violins for their violin lessons.  Ellie picked princess wrapping paper and pink duct tape, and Lynlee picked purple wrapping paper and purple duct tape.

Ellie is not pictured because she had already stripped down.  She always tells me that she is hot and just runs around the house in her underwear.

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Magson said...

Gwen does the same thing. I took her to the park last night and she was perfectly happy to get dressed for it, but when we got home, we hadn't even been in the door for 5 seconds before she was stripping down.

Later in the evening she complained "I'm very cold" but she still wouldn't let me put any clothes back on her -- she just wanted a blanket.

Funny how kids are, isn't it?