Friday, August 2, 2013

No, My Tayler!

We were driving to Walmart to pick up some things for Ellie's friend birthday party tomorrow, and I got a call from Taylor, who is going to babysit the girls this evening.  We had a brief conversation and I hung up.

Ellie got so excited and said, "Was that my Tayler?"

I replied, "No, that was the other Taylor."

Ellie burst into tears and said, "But I want to talk to my Tayler!  My birth mom Tayler.  Not the other Taylor!"
Taylor and her BFF

Later, after I was done driving and we were back home, I had to text Tayler and tell her.  She replied, "That's so sweet!  Give her a big hug and kiss for me!"

And Ellie grabbed my phone and read the text.  The only word she struggled with was give.

So of course I had to tell Tayler that, and she said, "Ellie!  Your getting so big!  And so smart!  Your just growing up so fast!  I love you sweetheart!!"

I am so grateful for good babysitters.

And especially for amazing birth moms.  And open adoption.  I cannot imagine our life without Tayler in it!

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