Saturday, June 29, 2013

Photo & Video Shoot

We spent 5 magical hours with Kristen and Andy of Shadetree Studios getting footage for a video about our family.  It's a new concept Kristen developed--basically putting our adoption profile into a two and half minute video.  

Kristen has already spent hours on this project, meeting with me for a consultation, and emailing back and forth to set up shot lists and create a script for our narrative.  And I can't even imagine how many more hours it will take to create the video itself!  

I won this package as part of a giveaway on United For Adoption, and it has been an amazing experience.  

Today, Kristen and her husband Andy came at 3:30 to get everything set up.  Cute Katie came to entertain the girls while Greg and I recorded the audio that will be the overlay on the video.  I got really nervous and pretty much choked.  I had a hard time sounding natural.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out after it is edited.

Then Tayler came to be photographed interacting with Ellie and our family.  I am so grateful that we got to see her, and especially grateful that she brought Josh and Piper!  We love to see their whole family.  It was a double bonus because it is Josh' birthday.  So nice that we were able to spend some time with them.

After Tayler and her family left, we got a few more "lifestyle" pictures done (like playing the piano with Lynlee, and reading a book, and dancing and singing), and then headed for Kristen's family's "farm" right by the Jordan River Temple.  The girls were so excited to see the farm, and we spotted a couple of cats, and some cows and some horses.

What a good afternoon!  The girls were amazing and really good sports, especially considering we were busy right through dinner (didn't eat until after 7) and out photgraphing until 8:30 (way past their bedtime).  Plus, we kept on asking them to do the same thing over and over again.  Ellie ran up to Tayler and gave her a hug (pretending that Tayler had just come through the front door) about 7 times before she was done with that.

We were so busy doing our thing that I only took one picture of the whole thing:  the set-up.  I left the rest of the photography to the professionals (which is how it should be).  I cannot wait to see how the final product turns out!

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Julie M said...

That is so cool. What an awesome thing to win!!!! Can't wait to see it.