Thursday, May 16, 2013

Snake Bite

Hope and Baelie came over to play today and we had a great time.

Until Ellie got bit by a garter snake.

The girls were eating Otter Pops and giggling (of course!) and I took a few minutes to pull some weeds.  I spotted a little garter snake and told the girls to come look.  Of course I said, about 7 times, "just look, don't touch" as the more adventurous Ellie and Baelie followed the snake around the dig out.  It finally slithered into the rock wall.  

I was standing above on the concrete and saw Ellie lean forward.  As I frantically said again, "just look!" Ellie looked up at me with a startled expression.  Baelie yelled, "that snake just bit Ellie!" and Ellie burst into tears.

Luckily, Ellie was still holding her Otter Pop and we were able to use that as her ice.

Because ice makes everything better!

I'm not really sure if the snake bit her or just snapped at her.  Her finger wasn't red and there were no marks.  She told me later she just wanted to pet it because Nick lets her pet his snake.

Thanks a lot, Nick.

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