Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good Stuff

I don't know why, but in all of our years of gardening/taking care of our yard, we have never really been into products that could help us.  Just good old fashioned work.  Mostly of the teenage kind, because my allergies made it so I could not handle being outside much.

This year we are committed to getting the yard looking stellar and keeping it that way.  A combination of factors is at work:  I can handle being outside and pulling weeds (thanks, NAET); the girls are big enough that they entertain themselves (in fact, Lynnie asks everyday if I can pull weeds and she can play outside); and we found a product that is helping.  A lot.  I spray, the weeds die, I pull them out, and nothing grows back.  It's like a miracle.

Here's hoping that eventually we will get on top of the weeds and be able to maintain the way it should be maintained.  Heck, I might even plant flowers this year!

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