Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rough Day

Going without the bottle has been tough.

After falling asleep at 6:45 last night, Lynnie woke up again around 9 and was up til way past midnight.  Every time I would try and put her in bed she would cry.  It was pretty pathetic.

She kept on asking for her bottle, and was very unhappy at only being offered a cup.  Eventually Greg was able to get her to drink some milk by having Puppy drink some and then hold the cup for her.  I said at the time how it would have been so much easier last night to give in and get a bottle, and how much harder it would have been in the long run.

Today has also been rough.  Lynnie has not eaten much, and not drunk much.  She did drink about half of my smoothie, when Puppy helped her hold it.  That was our big success for the day!

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