Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making Cookies...

...for Sister Hart. Ellie loves her Primary teacher!

Coming home from church today, we were talking about what to do that afternoon.  Ellie said, "I want to draw a picture for Sister Hart so she knows how much I love her!"  We decided to make a treat as well.

Ellie and Greg dropped the cookies off and Sister Hart was so nice and excited!
Later that night, I got the nicest message on Facebook from our friend.  Sister Hart said:

Hey!! Oh my goodness. Ellie was SO cute when she came over tonight. That was so sweet of her, it made my day. Tell her the cookies are super delicious and that I love her. If I end up getting a different calling I might just have to take her with me....I don't know what I would do without her. She told me the cutest thing today, I am still laughing about it. We were talking about being thankful for the trees and flowers. I told the class that I was sad because I don't have any trees or grass or flowers at my house yet. She said to me, "Sister Hart, I have to tell you something. You will learn to get used to it. It will be ok." I could just eat her up! Thanks again for the cookies.....they are super yummy!

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