Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tea Party

Ellie was so excited to invite Hope and Baelie over to play today.  She spent about 40 minutes setting up the perfect tea party.  She wanted a table, and even though there is one in the playroom, she thought it would be easier to make one upstairs.  She found a diaper box in Lynlee's room and got to work!

She collected snacks and water cups and toys to play with.  She even invited Lynlee's new dog to sit on her special blanket.

After her friends left, I was getting Lynlee some milk and Ellie disappeared.  We found her, sound asleep, in Lynlee's bed.

At 5:20.

She would not wake up, no matter what Lynnie or I tried.  She finally wandered out around 7:30.

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