Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ensemble Festival

I am teaching McKinzie and Syreese piano this year.  I have taught Kinz since she was a Kindergartener, and now she is a Senior in high school.  It is interesting on lesson days, but we are getting into the routine.  Either Kinz or Syreese plays with the girls while I teach the other one.  Well, they will play with Ellie and I hold Lynnie on my lap and try to have her not cry.

Anyway, today was Ensemble Festival.  Syreese played with Josh Conklin (Kinz's student) and they did great.  I got to be Kinz's partner, and I am just glad that only she was being judged.  She has been better than me for years, and we picked a good piece that was a challenge for her.

This page was our favorite, with lots of hand crossing and holding fingers up so we weren't in each other's way.
Prairie Fire by David Karp

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