Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy Day

We have had a busy day.  It was Krista's wedding (a young sister in our ward) and we headed to the Salt Lake Temple for a 12:20 sealing.  Kelly was very generous and offered to have the girls play with her and Sam.

Greg and I figured out where to park and got to the temple in plenty of time, where we enjoyed visiting with some friends.  And then I looked across the waiting room and saw Kelsey Mackintosh Knell, one of my former piano students.  She is grown up and married now, and it was a little weird.  I think it's always weird when worlds collide.  She and Krista were best friends in high school.  What a small world!

After the sealing, Greg and I got a quick bite at Cafe Rio before picking up the girls.  They had so much fun with Kelly & Sam.  Greg went to work for the rest of the afternoon, I got Lynnie down for her nap, and had about 10 minutes with Ellie before Hailey came over to play.  I ran down to practice the piano with Kinz for an hour for Festival tomorrow.

When I got home, I had about an hour to do dishes clean up the house get ready play with the girls before we needed to leave for the wedding reception.  Ellie wanted to pull out the hide-a-bed, and they had fun jumping on the cushions.  We turned it into a little obstacle course, and both girls giggled and laughed as they jumped.

It was a good, full day, but I missed the girls!  I feel like I barely spent time with them, and it made me realize how precious every minute is.

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