Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ah, Diapers

One of the best things of sitting with the Morrows during Sacrament Meeting? Hailey leaning over and saying, "Lynlee has poopy pants.  Do you want me to change her?"

Um, yes, please!

During the 3rd hour, LDS Family Services came and did a special presentation and all adults were invited to attend. Since Lynlee wouldn't let me leave her in nursery, she got to come with me.  She was sitting on Greg's lap (in a suit, of course), when he quickly figured out she needed a diaper change (as his leg got wet).  I took her out, trying to walk quietly across the gym floor, and took care of business.  About 5 minutes after we returned, Lynlee pooped again.  I had to go to the car to get another diaper, and Lynnie loved playing with this hat and the seatbelt.

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